About Junda’s

About Junda’s Pastry, Crust & Crumbs

Christopher Junda opened Junda’s Pastry, Crust & Crumbs in 2002, and brought “Five-Star” baking to Long Island’s beautiful East End. Now, with their new online store, many more of you will be able to enjoy their delicious pastry. Junda’s success is profound, but it is no accident. Christopher Junda recalls…

Junda's Pastry, Crust & Crumbs

The ‘Homemade Pies’ sign that graces our front lawn is the original hand-painted sign I started out with. We had a lemonade stand with a red and white checkered tablecloth, a tin can, and my pies, which I baked at home. The quality of the pie spoke for itself… It was challenging to start something new and fresh, and with hard work, it has paid off. I know my grandparents and dad would be proud of what we do here.


Junda’s Pastry, Crust & Crumbs headquarters is located at 1612 Main Road, in the oldest house in Jamesport, NY. While you are just turning over at 4:00 am, Christopher is hard at work, baking the pastry you love. The Jundas are proud of the support they have received from the local farm community, and from customers in the tri-state area who insist their wedding cakes, holiday strudels, and babkas come from Junda’s.

The Junda’s Story

Christopher’s family summered on the North Fork. As a boy, he noticed there was no local bakery, and planted a seed that would grow into today’s Junda’s. However, there were a few steps in between.

Artistic by nature but pragmatic as well, Christopher entered the world of culinary arts, guided by wise family council. A graduate of the Newbury College culinary arts program, he took his baking seriously, enjoying the mix of creativity and chemistry that produces perfect pastry.


Then, years of experience in four and five star hotels and restaurants, including The Plaza Hotel in New York, The Garden City Hotel, where he was Executive Pastry Chef and The Old Westbury Golf and Country Club in Old Westbury, NY left the mark of excellence on him. Christopher wants you to know…

The standards I set to please our customers are exacting. I insist on always using butter and the finest ingredients, which we never change. Our customers deserve quality and consistency, and that is what Junda’s Pastry, Crust & Crumbs is all about.

Junda's Pastry, Crust & CrumbsChristopher Junda’s pastry genius means you will be able to order fabulous strudels, unbeatable babkas, fabulous gluten-free flourless chocolate cake, and many other Junda’s favorites here in our online store. Of course, you are always welcome to visit the shop, enjoy a cup of coffee, and take home your favorite treats.



Doug Geed of News12 Long Island Visits Junda’s

It’s not enough to for Christopher Junda to work hard and produce brilliant pastries. He had to become a TV star, too. Here you can see Doug Geed, host of News12 Long Island’s popular East End feature, visiting Junda’s at Easter, and again at Christmas. As usual, Christopher is busy working as Doug interviews him.

Easter at Junda’s

Christmas at Junda’s